Healing with darkness

Scorpio is a season to heal with the darkness. It is a season to dive deep into the depths of your madness, darkness, shadows and subconscious. Hitting rock bottom and staying there, getting rock bottom so imprinted on your heart that you can reach there in few seconds whenever you want to. The advantage of this practice is that once you know how to access your emotional rockbottom at will, you will be able to control all negative emotions and they won’t control you anymore. It means being intimate with the parts of you, that scare you the most. Just like the scorpion is comfortable living in cold, dark places where not many other creatures can survive. You will have befriended your demons, your shadows, the ones you ran from all your life. And what follows is a life of wholeness – where you can welcome darkness and light with equal love 🖤

Here is a beautiful song, by artist Lana Del Rey, perfect for the Scorpio season – of the old dying and the new beginning.

Some pictures to go with the song :