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Email :

“I had watched Radhika’s wonderful YouTube channel for a long time (probably a year or more) before I ever emailed her with my situation. As expected, her answers were very on-point just like her really insightful videos. I had written her a very long email and I got an equally detailed reply back with several suggestions. I had also been confusedly thinking that the narcissistic person I was dealing with was an overt narcissist (they have a really brash, loud personality) BUT as Radhika pointed out, they were actually covert. When I thought about this, I realized that the discounting techniques (if I may say use those words) they used were very underhanded and definitely covert. This feels like an important piece for me because I used to get very taken aback by the verbal digs, feeling almost punched in the gut and not completely realizing exactly how they had done it.  Now, I can see this dynamic a lot more clearly. I know this is how this person operates. They blow hot and cold. They sometimes praise me a little to reel me in and then, it’s the same old, same old. So, I am a lot more aware of the dynamics. Apart from this specific example, Radhika also pointed out other things that felt very clarifying. If you are thinking of using Radhika’s services, don’t hesitate! You will get quality advice that is thoughtful and considered and that will point you in the right direction. Highly Recommended!” R.K.(United States)

Counselling :

“Radhika was very approachable and easy to talk to. Having herself experienced narcissists in her life, she is able to provide practical and relatable guidance. I found her to be genuine in her concern. I did a number of video calling sessions and also sent some email queries, and found each method to be fruitful and productive in my path to understanding and recovery. I would recommend Radhika’s services to everyone as a useful resource and to gain positive insights so as to expedite your path to happiness.” R. P. S. (Mumbai)

Reiki :

“I contacted Radhika for a distant Reiki session because I had seen a lot of her vlogs; she seemed to me a person of wisdom and depth. I have always been interested in Reiki but have never used it before and intentionally didn’t want to read too much about it before experiencing it. I am facing a challenging time and was curious if Radhika’s Reiki session could help me. She responded immediately to my emails and I liked that she asked that I formulate my own goals for the session – it cleared up the issues and involved myself taking responsibility. The session itself was a good experience – it cleared up a lot of what had been going on regarding the challenge I am facing and I could actually feel the energy work even from the distance, which I never expected. Immediately after, Radhika gave me her feedback on the session and some intentions I could use which keep on being very helpful. Physically and mentally, I was very relaxed afterwards. I feel that things are now in shift, I am more on my path now and I can wholeheartedly recommend Radhika’s Reiki session!” B. (Europe)

Reiki :

“I had contacted Radhika for distance healing. After the healing she also told me to meditate to increase my feminine energy. Initially I did not find much difference But as time passed by I saw that her Distance Reiki healing session has helped me tremendously. My anxiety levels have gone down… Earlier for even small things I used to get very anxious but not anymore. Also now I have a little bit of more control on all other emotions. I can see few changes in my behavior and am working to improve more. Thought of sharing my experience with you and to Thank You. Lots of Gratitude to you.” Vimala (India)

Reiki :

“I got to know about Radhika after watching her youtube videos. The videos were very helpful, informative and full of positivity. Around that time I’d been going through really tough times in my life on the personal front. I went through heart breaks that deeply affected me emotionally. All these things drove me towards getting a distant reiki session done from her. During the session, I could feel some uneasiness in my stomach, burning in my eyes and then I was asleep for sometime. I woke up after the session got over and I cried a lot recalling all the painful memories. This could be because those emotions were getting released. The next day in the morning I was feeling a little weak physically but later I was doing completely fine. And after a couple of days I could really feel relaxed and more emotionally secured. I feel I’m more at ease than I was before. After the session she had also sent me an email describing what she could feel in my body on an energetic level, and they were accurate. I’ll definitely recommend anyone who is going through difficult times to contact Radhika. She is full of wisdom :)” AP (Arizona)

Email & Counseling :

“Radhika is an exceptionally positive empowered individual. I have been following Radhika’s channel on youtube for 2 years now. All her videos are so intellectual and in detail. When I understood about narcissism and looking for answers, I scroll through her videos and most of the time I have my answer after watching the video. I sometimes wonder how she is able to relate to my issues so well. I have taken the Email service and 1-1 discussion this year and she’s been very approachable and easy to talk to. She understands the situation, she first gets the guilt/shame/fear out. I think we can be ourselves only when free. This helps us take sensible decisions which is so challenging when around narcissistic clan. I very much recommend her for any recovery from narcissistic abuse. Lots of love to her always. May god bless her for all the wonderful service.” Janoo (California)

Email/Counseling :

“When I came to Radhika, I was in complete chaos. I could not make sense of the situations in my life and the people in my life. Everything was having a debilitating affect on me and I desperately needed help. That’s when I decided to seek out therapy. I had seen Radhika’s videos on YouTube and I liked her analysis of situations. So I reached out. In the beginning I narrated the whole situation to her, and I also told her my natural responses to them such as my insistence to completely avoid certain people in my life. I told her my doubts that I didn’t know if these situations were even narcissistic or that I was thinking too much. After listening to the whole story, Radhika gave me her analysis and to my surprise she validated all the responses I was giving to these situations. She even confirmed that the situations were indeed very narcissistic. As everything started unraveling, I initially took a series of 8 sessions with her. In every session I discussed different topics which bothered me. She helped me understand the logics behind my feelings, fears etc. I learnt to get a better hang of the situations, to respond differently, so see anxiety coming up in me, to understand my flight response etc. I started to understand the world in a better way. Slowly I saw my energy and confidence levels rising. And I started feeling more secure in myself Now I trust Radhika, I trust her to understand me and whenever I get questions that I need help in understanding, I always reach out to her. She has supported me a lot and helped me make sense of everything and also has given me solutions that I use to deal with difficulties. She gave me hope, that I was not all a loser and could still do things. She gives spiritual responses and not just logical. Which has helped me a lot. I am very thankful to her.” Sara (Delhi)

Counseling :

“Radhika’s coaching approach, via phone and on her YouTube channel, is one of compassion and understanding. Her first-hand experience with narcissists enables clients and listeners to get directly to the core issues rather than needing to spend time and energy trying to be understood: Radhika gets it. She is also non-judgmental and welcomes feedback. I’ve felt very free and open to share my issues with her; and she graciously and wisely addresses the problems and solutions. She also recognizes the spiritual as well as emotional and mental vantage points to relationships, and encourages proactive personal growth–rather than just venting. Radhika’s gentle spirit has been very calming during times of turmoil.” Amy @