1. Counselling : Talking to someone who has been through the same narcissistic experience helps and heals. Audio session price : 100$ USD / Rs. 3500 INR, video session price : 120$ USD / Rs. 4000 INR

2. Email : Email me your situation and ask 3 questions. I will reply accordingly. We can do 1 follow-up email correspondence for additional clarification. Will take 1-3 working days. Price : $30 USD / Rs. 1000 INR

3. Distant Reiki : I am a trained, practicing Reiki healer since 2017. A distant Reiki session will last 30-40 mins. Price : $80 USD / Rs. 2000 INR

To setup any of the above services, please email :

Testimonials :

“I had emailed Radhika regarding the situation I am in and asked for her help, this was after me and my wife had sessions with family councillors and psychiatrists. Since she too had faced similar/worse situation in her life, she could relate all the things much easily due to her experience and knowledge. She was able to provide me HOPE and guidelines on how I need to handle it. I am now seeing the Narc behaviours more clearly and also understand the reason why things are happening in my life. I am facing life with the guidelines Radhika provided me. Thanks to Radhika, I am on track to save my daughter from Narc abuse.” – Arjun (India)

“I felt I have friend who is there to listen. I could feel your positive energy for me. Yes your emails helped me through my difficult time. Yes your emails were like light to me cause first time I could relate to someone and someone could get what I was going through cause u r some one who has been in my situation. So u could relate. So it was heart felt advise. Thank u for being there for me.” – Nayana (Pune, India)

“Radhika’s words are extremely positive and a dose of goodness that we all need esp in times of sadness or confusion. She could read me in ways I dint look at myself and gave me new assurance to carry on. Sometimes words matter a lot and remaining in touch with her via emails gave me a much needed validation. I contacted her for advice or at times just to clear my mind. She is prompt in replying to mail and her replies are detailed. Not just one liners. I am very thankful for the good work she decided to do .. spreading love and light. I would recommend anyone who wishes to heal the internal trauma, to get in touch with her, watch her very informative YouTube videos and take guidance from her. She has done her bit of study so I have good faith in her capabilities all the more.” – L.S. (Mumbai, India)

“Radhika’s words are very much positive and helpful. Her advices have helped me tremendously to come out of the past trauma very easily. Counselling through her emails have helped me to enhance my perception towards people and situations around me, I learnt dealing with the difficult people around me, it has helped me to take decisions not only in relation to the narcissistic scenarios but also in general. It has helped me, to become stronger from within, it has also taught me how to deal with our unmet expectations and in turn can be happy even reducing our expectations from others or from any situations happens around us. My overall mental clarity is enhanced by being in contact with her all these days. I will write email to her when I am down, she replies to me very promptly within a day answering all the questions I have, with much detail. I highly recommend to watch her YouTube videos and also get her in contact through emails if anyone has to come out of the past trauma. Totally in one sentence I would say, she is one of the stepping tools for the spiritual growth. I am very much thankful and grateful for her work in spreading love and light throughout the world through her YouTube videos and counselling through her emails.” – Rashmi (USA)

“I had a live session with Radhika. If felt so good to talk to someone who can understand with what you struggle with. She has a deep understanding of narcissistic issues, her capacity to clearly see the whole situation without judging it and understand what spiritual challenges you face on your path in this difficult moment brought me a huge relief. I got practical answers to my questions which are very important for me, but also the very contact with her centeredness, detachment and loving attitude helped to regain my own balance.” Aleksandra (Poland)

“I was going through a rough phase in my life with a narcissistic abusive women and started searching about the NPD online and ended up with Radhika’s videos online. There was something unique about her way of describing the disorder… She can make any complex topic so easy to understand.. it almost feels like she was there when the incidents were happening.. right beside you. It is almost like Deja-vu listening to her videos. I immediately scheduled a session over Skype..and it was the best 1 hr I ever had in my life. Its that instant feeling of relief..almost like light in a tunnel… She will show you the path and it is up to us to follow it or stay in the tunnel and get confused…” Raj (USA)

“When I first discovered that, what I was experiencing was not a normal real-world misunderstanding but actually a narcissistic abuse, I started to binge watch videos on NPD and I was fortunate to come across Radhika’s channel. I was able to connect to every situation or example explained by Radhika and felt I am not alone in this journey and there was a hope that I can get through this mess. I started practicing a lot of techniques right from no contact to minimal contact to grey rock. I slowly healed myself which took me almost a year and started focusing on taking care of myself. However, my thoughts were continuously revolving around the narcissistic people in my life which made me restless and anxious from time to time even when I was miles away from them. I thought this was the time I really needed to get more focused personal coaching from Radhika through her video counselling sessions. Radhika very patiently listened to my situation and guided me with some wonderful tips and perspective that really helped me to overcome my anxiety issues. Today I can say that I am able to deal with the situation stronger than ever. I recommend Radhika’s counselling services to stay strong, healthy and positive.” Ramya (India)

“This review is long due. I received a distance Reiki session from Radhika some time ago. The issues were physical as well as emotional (stress and worry). During the session, I lay down and was doing a chant – after a few minutes (I am assuming when the session started) – I felt a strong wave of hypnosis or calm spreading all over me. I didn’t feel like I wanted to chant anymore and just lay still. I saw and felt various things during the session – some not so good sensations and memories as well, which gave me a very bad feeling. It could have been that I was holding on to those memories that got released, had to really feel them one last time. Anyways, after the session, the next morning my physical problem – had gone away and is away since then (touchwood!) That is a TREMENDOUS relief! I have also found myself worrying less ever since, it’s more easy to relax and not overthink. I also liked the detailed email which she sent describing what she feels during the session. Somethings she got telepathically were accurate; quite scary and surprising – because she doesn’t know how and where I live. One feedback I have is, make a website and take the reviews there. That will save the effort of making this ‘new’ profile that I had to undergo. I am not comfortable with my office colleagues seeing this review. I think many others will feel this way. I hope you keep doing this and open your own healing studio soon. I will surely visit it, if you sponsor the tickets 🙂 Keep up the good work!” – Sonal K. (Pune, India)

“I received a Reiki session from Radhika for the first time last week. She did a great job of explaining how it worked and what her focus was based on my specific needs. It was very relaxing and helped me release tension. I definitely will be coming back for another session sometime soon!” – Katie H. (USA)

“I recently had a distance Reiki session with Radhika which was wonderful. I first connected with Radhika watching her videos on narcissism (which are great). Radhika presented powerfully as a healer in her videos imo but I was a little sceptical of the idea of distance Reiki even though I reasoned that so long as I believed (which I do) that our energies or spirit can be effected in all sorts of interesting ways, then why not over a distance. I actually forgot to think about my intentions before the session and then, after a strange few hours of feeling much lighter and more connected to those around me and wondering what this difference was that I was feeling, I remembered my Reiki session had happened hours before. Was I experiencing a sense of cosmic balance? I can only attest that I wasn’t under the influence of anything else ;)” – Deborah G. (South Africa)

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