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Old man sitting by the street

Old man sits by the street

Watches the world go by

What once seemed very slow

Seems now hard to keep up by


This old man, he traveled far

Fought against all odds

Accomplished a lot and felt proud

Birthed a son, just to throw him out


Now a widower, he stays alone

Everyday past mistakes he moans

Never treated his family right

In his house, only his might


He did it for them, that’s what he said

Each night lonely in his fancy bed

But every now and then

A memory comes through


A flash of his son’s smile

A taste of his wife’s food

Never leaves him alone, for good


This old man, he sits by the road

Watches the world go by

And his mind goes

If I had a chance to do this again

This time – all of my love

I would spread