How to heal the heart chakra with music

Heart chakra (Anahata chakra) is a very important energy center of a human. It is a decision point – a conditional, which if solved correctly takes a human to the higher energies of the throat chakra (Vishuddha chakra) onwards towards a subtler existence that is closer to divinity; or if solved in another way, can take a human back to cruder energies of the solar plexus chakra (Manipur chakra) towards a more mundane existence and animalistic tendencies.

Here are the vrittis (propensities, tendencies) of the heart chakra:

The aim is always to balance these tendencies. An overflow or underflow of them causes unfavorable emotions.

1. Asha: Over-optimism (overflow) / practical hope combined with effort (balance) / hopelessness (underflow)

2. Chinta:  Anxiety, over-worrying nature (overflow) / caring nature (balance) / non-caring, hardened nature (underflow)

3. Chestha: Stubbornness, non-relenting (overflow) / effort (balance) / not making any effort (underflow)

4. Mamta: Possessiveness (overflow) / fondness (balance) / non-loving (underflow)

5. Dhamba: Arrogance, vanity (overflow)  / necessary vanity  (balance) /  not caring at all about vanity (underflow)

6. Vivek: Judgements, overly critical (overflow) / discrimination (balance) / lack of discrimination (underflow)

7. Vikalata: Choosiness, high maintenance (overflow) / discomfort (balance) / depression (overflow)

8. Ahamkara: Ego (overflow) / pride, self-worth (balance) / no boundaries (underflow)

9. Lolata: Covetousness, avarice. greed (overflow) / practical earning for survival (balance) / giving away everything (underflow)

10. Kapatata: Duplicity, hypocrisy, manipulation (overflow) / diplomacy (balance) / blurting out hurtful words (underflow)

11. Vitarka: Indecision, argumentativeness (overflow) /  sharing ideas, innovation (balance) / talkativeness backed with no action (underflow)

12. Antuptata: Regret, burning misery (overflow) / feeling remorse then forgiveness, letting go, learning and moving on (balance) / not feeling remorse, regret for wrongdoings (underflow)

There is a raag called ‘raag Bihag’ in Hindustani classical music, which works wonders for healing the heart chakra. A raag is like a template of a musical composition over which various lyrics can be set. Every raag is supposed to invoke certain energies, emotions and feelings in the listener. With raag Bihag, the heart chakra can be healed i.e., balanced. You can hear it as much as you feel like or can even keep it playing in a low volume while not actively listening to it. The vibrations themselves can cause healing. The lyrics do not matter so much, but are definitely a cherry atop the icing in most of the good raags, but for purposes of healing – they do not matter as vibrations are much subtler than lyrical meaning which is of a logical construct.

Here are some songs based on raag Bihag :

1. Laal Ishq :

2. Mama Atma :

3.  Tere Sur Aur Mere Geet : Old song, instrumental version of same song

Listening to these balances the heart center, is what I have myself experienced. It is indeed very true that music touches the heart and sometimes even heals it 🙂