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I look for you when I am alone

The only one who felt like home


Frantically, my panic has grown

Then I realize –

In everything,

In my very being, 

you are shown


You are me and I am you

I am not alone

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Every narcissist’s downfall…unending desire

Narcissists keep collecting a lot of bad karma/deeds in their life. Most of these deeds are done because of the desires that a narcissist has. Narcissist’s desires keep them unsatisfied and always in a state of unease. They cannot really surrender to life and the moment that is. They are always either playing a victim or hero about something in the past or they are projecting into the future, working towards a certain goal. Either way, the present moment is not satisfactory for them. They are never present.

The song below is a great warning to all narcissists. Informing them of their impending doom and grounding them to reality. It is a bit dark but a helpful warning to anyone who is too much into their ego.

Song and translation is given below. It is from a Pakistani drama OST. The drama is called ‘Wabaal’ which means – calamity, ruin, misfortune, crime, sin.

Meaning :

You are a crazy, wild and unwise person

About what small thing are you going to stir up drama now?

Stop taking this physical world so seriously

This wrestling (ego-fights in the world) are going to stop with as soon as you leave this world (when you die)


This desire is a whirlpool

There is no end to it

Desire is such a prayer

Which doesn’t satisfy ever


Getting your desires is not in your will


Human, o human

Don’t keep following your desires

Everything is God/Source/Consciousness

You are nothing



If you listen to the heart’s desires,

it will tell you to get the Moon on the Earth.

And then you will want it’s glow

to be attached on your clothes.


If you want to swim

in the ocean of your desires,

Trade yourself for it

And forget your happiness


Don’t be in a relationship with only what your heart wants

Sometimes learn to surrender to what is happening

God/Source/Consciousness has given you so many blessings

Sometimes sit alone and count all of them


Desires are like conspiracies

They will ask you questions

They will make you sell yourself

And make you commit many sins/mistakes


Every minute, you will crave for peace (but you won’t get it)

It will make your life that absurd


This desire is a whirlpool

There is no end to it

Desire is such a prayer

Which doesn’t satisfy ever


Getting your desires is not in your will


Human, o human

Don’t keep following your desires

Everything is God/Source/Consciousness

You are nothing



You are a crazy, wild and unwise person

About what small issue are you going to stir up drama now?

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Root chakra healing when facing change

Root chakra healing is the base for all other healings. A healed root chakra helps a person feel stable, secure, safe and abundant. People who grew up in unsafe/narcissistic/dysfunctional environments need a lot of Mooladhar (Root) chakra healing. Whenever a person goes through change or a transformation, they require support. But unfortunately, for kids who grew up without a good support system, every change seemed like a threat. This triggers the person’s nervous system to go into ‘fight or flight’ mode. Even as an adult when this person faces any change in life, their body will remember and go into the same memory – mind, body state which they used to be as a child. But healing this is possible in many ways. One way is through music and musical instruments.

‘Shehnai’ is a musical instrument which is said to heal a person’s Mooladhar (Root) chakra. It is commonly played at weddings. Recently, I heard a song which has a great piece of shehnai instrument playing. The rest of the song is wonderful as well, sung by the amazing singer Atif Aslam (hits all the high notes beautifully). It is an OST for a new Pakistani drama. Below is the song and a translation of the lyrics in English.

P.S.: For all those who don’t know Shehnai’s sound, it plays in the middle of the song @ 1:53.

Translation of lyrics in English :

There is love, there is passion

Or is this the wonder of bliss

What do you know of this

Oh ignorant sad life (of mine)

You are wonderful

That one who hasn’t met himself

How will he meet you?

He is ignorant and he is lost

How will he meet you?

You are in the city of your wishes

You are on the journey of your love

You are not aware of your existence

Or even bothered about it

Here and there, everywhere

Where are you going again?

Are you again looking for that

stone that is like a moon? (Metaphor for something that cannot be acquired)

Life – you have many faces

And every face has many colors

How do you expect to get flowers

When what you hold in your hands are stones

That which was never heard or told

An unheard life story

He isn’t bothered if he has a large travel party with him

Because he is the travel party even by himself

That one who hasn’t met himself

How will he meet you?

He is ignorant and he is lost

How will he meet you?

Here and there, everywhere

Where are you going again?

Are you again looking for that

stone that is like a moon? (Metaphor for something that cannot be acquired)

The wound is where the light entered me

Such mysteries have come to surface

These came and settled in my eyes

All the pains that my lips could not speak


Healing with darkness

Scorpio is a season to heal with the darkness. It is a season to dive deep into the depths of your madness, darkness, shadows and subconscious. Hitting rock bottom and staying there, getting rock bottom so imprinted on your heart that you can reach there in few seconds whenever you want to. The advantage of this practice is that once you know how to access your emotional rockbottom at will, you will be able to control all negative emotions and they won’t control you anymore. It means being intimate with the parts of you, that scare you the most. Just like the scorpion is comfortable living in cold, dark places where not many other creatures can survive. You will have befriended your demons, your shadows, the ones you ran from all your life. And what follows is a life of wholeness – where you can welcome darkness and light with equal love 🖤

Here is a beautiful song, by artist Lana Del Rey, perfect for the Scorpio season – of the old dying and the new beginning.

Some pictures to go with the song :

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When the mask slips…

For how long 

Do you plan to pretend?

For sooner or later

The mask always slips

The thousand masks

That you wear

Do not help hide

The ugliness from the Creator

For He always sees you

Completely naked

Like the day He created you

A perfect song to go with this poem (please turn on captions to understand the lyrics) :

Image source : https://discover.hubpages.com/health/Tactics-of-a-Narcissistic-Mother

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Divine anger, Narasimha and Narayan mantra

Narasimha, according to Hinduism, was the fourth avatar of Vishnu. In this form, Vishnu had the body of a man, but he had a head of a lion. This avatar of Vishnu is also a symbol of great strength. He is a form of divine anger. When evil increases beyond a limit, it is divine anger which restores balance on this Earth. Praying to God Narasimha is great for a person’s Manipur chakra, i.e., the energy centre of their identity. It strengthens a person’s confidence, belief in themselves and balances their ego. It helps them assert and keep their boundaries.

A beautiful Kundalini mantra by Nirinjan Kaur can help us balance our solar plexus and bring it to the strength similar to that of Lord Narasimha. Here is the mantra (translation below), listen to it for 40 days and see the difference in your self confidence :

Meaning of the mantra (taken from https://spiritvoyage.com) :

The Name of the Immaculate Narayan(Lord) is the Ambrosial Water.
Chanting it with the tongue, sins are washed away.

The Lord abides in everyone.
The Lord illumines each and every heart.
Chanting the Lord’s Name, one does not fall into hell.
Serving the Lord, all fruitful rewards are obtained.

Within my mind is the Support of the Lord.
The Lord is the boat to help you sail the waters of this world.
Chant the Lord’s Name, and the Messenger of Death will run away.
The Lord helps you see through the illusion of Maya.

The Lord is forever and ever the Forgiver.
The Lord blesses us with peace and bliss.
The Lord has revealed His glory.
The Lord is the mother and father of His Saint.

The Lord, the Lord, is in the company of simple people, i.e., the Company of the Holy.
Time and time again, I sing the Lord’s Praises.
Meeting with the Guru, I have attained the
incomprehensible object Nanak has grasped.

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How to heal the solar plexus chakra with music

The solar plexus chakra, or Manipur chakra in Sanskrit, translates to, “city of jewels.” This chakra governs personality, ego, and identity, as well as personal freedom, choice, and authenticity. The solar plexus chakra also has to do with motivation, willpower, and purpose. Self-confidence is connected to the solar plexus chakra, as well. It also governs the digestive system and its respective organs; as a result, it has jurisdiction over both the gut’s emotional brain and stored emotions.

Some imbalances in the Manipur chakra can cause the following diseases :

Gastric or digestion issues like stomach pain, heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, ulcers, or a loss of appetite. More serious conditions like diabetes, gallstones, hypoglycemia, eating disorders, high or low blood pressure. Emotion wise - it can result in irresponsibility, an excessive need for control, victim mentality, and feelings of helplessness, insecurity or inauthenticity can be connected to this chakra.

There is a raag called ‘Ahir Bhairav’ in Hindustani classical music, which helps balance a person’s solar plexus chakra. A raag is like a template of a musical composition over which various lyrics can be set. Every raag is supposed to invoke certain energies, emotions and feelings in the listener. Ahir Bhairav raag creates a feeling of relaxation, compassion, sympathy, motivation, devotion and surrender. It helps balance a person’s blood pressure, cures digestion issues, skin problems, ego issues. You can hear it as much as you feel like or can even keep it playing in a low volume while not actively listening to it. The vibrations themselves can cause healing. The lyrics do not matter so much, but are definitely a cherry atop the icing in most of the good raags, but for purposes of healing – they do not matter as vibrations are much subtler than lyrical meaning which is of a logical construct. Hope you experience the healing of your Manipur chakra through these beautiful songs.

Here are some beautiful songs based on the raag ‘Ahir Bhairav‘ :

Apsara aali :

Albela Sajan :

Medley of both these songs :

Cover art taken from : https://meditativemind.org/how-to-heal-solar-plexus-chakra-aka-manipura/

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Moksha mantra

In Hinduism there is a mantra called the “Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra”, this mantra is very useful for people who are suffering with physical ailments, for people who are about to leave their body, or those who have already left their body, or those who died in a sudden way, as well as, for the loved ones of the person who has passed away. It is usually chanted either 21 times or 108 times.

English : Om Trayambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam,

Urvarukmiv Bandhanat, Mrityurmokshaya Mamratat.

Sanskrit : ॐ त्रयम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् ।

उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् म्रुत्योर्मुक्षिय मामृतात्


  • Om : Naad brahm – the sacred sound
  • Triyambakam : Three eyed Lord Shiva
  • Yajamahe: Worshiped in Yagya or sacred fire rituals
  • Sugandhim: Fragrant
  • Pushti vardhanam: Nourisher of health, wealth and life
  • Uravaruk : Cucumber-like – physical and mundane
  • Bandhanan: Bondage or fetters like
  • Mrityu : Death like
  • Mukshiya: Liberate or give Moksha
  • Ma : Me
  • Amritat: Divine nectar of life, serenity and prosperity

Om, Tryambaka (the three-eyed Shiva), fragrant nourisher of life. May we be bestowed with liberation from this cycle of life and death, just as a cucumber is severed from its bondage to the creeper.

This mantra was incorporated very beautifully in a Hindi movie called ‘Neerja’. The plot is based on a real-life event: Libyan-backed Abu Nidal Organization’s hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi, Pakistan, on 5 September 1986. The film is shown from the point of view of the flight’s head purser, Neerja Bhanot, who thwarted the hijack attempt by alerting the pilots, thus grounding the plane; Neerja died trying to help save 359 of the 379 passengers and crew on board. Posthumously, she became the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime gallantry, the Ashok Chakra Award, as well as several other accolades from the government of Pakistan and the United States.

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A celestial mantra to experience a mother’s unconditional love

Recently I heard a story from a client that had me experiencing deep feelings of grief. Having trained myself to hold feelings and hold space for my clients, it’s usually easy; but I have to admit, this one hit really hard.

Growing up with a neglectful, absent or abusive mother is one of the hardest things in the world. A mother’s love is the closest to unconditional love most of us experience. Unfortunately, many of us do not get this opportunity. But it does not mean that you can never experience it. Here is a beautiful celestial mantra that will fill the gap of a mother’s unconditional love in your heart. I know a lot of people do not believe in the power of mantras; but trust me – just give it a go. Listen to this beautiful mantra by Nirinjan Kaur once a day for 40 days, and feel the love of the celestial mother descend upon you. This mantra will heal the mother wound that most of us carry within our hearts. Translation is below :

Oh my child, this is thy mother’s prayer. This is thy mother’s prayer.
Remembering the Lord, all sins are erased and past and future generations are saved.
May you always say His name, He who has no end.
Oh my child, this is your mother’s prayer that you don’t forget the Lord even for an instant.
Worshipping forever the Lord of the Universe. May the true Guru be kind to you, may you keep company with the Saints.
May your clothing be the protection of God, may your food be the singing of God’s praise.
May you drink the divine nectar. May you live long, may the meditative remembrance of the Lord give you infinite delight.
May joy and pleasure be yours. May your hopes be fulfilled, and may you never be troubled by worries.
Let your mind be a bumble bee, and let the Lord’s feet be the lotus flower.
Says Servant Nanak, attach your mind to them, and blossom forth like the songbird, upon finding the raindrop.

Post picture credits : EvitaWorks – https://www.pinterest.com/evitaworks/_created/


How to heal diabetes with energy

Disclaimer : These are my opinions only. Please have a proper medical treatment when this condition occurs. These techniques are supplemental energy cures.

Diabetes is a condition where the body either does not make enough insulin (type 1 diabetes), or is not able to use it well (type 2 diabetes). Anything that manifests in the physical, first exists in the astral i.e., the thought realm. Thoughts are also a form of energy.

This is energetically caused by an imbalance in the solar plexus chakra (Manipur chakra). This chakra is the seat of the human ego. It can either be caused by the overflow or the underflow of energies moving to and from the solar plexus chakra.

Overflow of energy :

Have you always been a person of action? Always taking on all the pressure from any situation on yourself? Are you the first one to start thinking of how to solve a problem, take on a responsibility, plan something, make something happen? Do you find yourself taking on more responsibility than you can handle and then dropping the ball somewhere?

If you do – then this might be a result of growing up in a dysfunctional family. You might have learnt from a very young age to shoulder tough responsibilities. The case could have also been that you were given conditional love; only and only if you performed well and did what was expected of you – i.e., your parents did not give you ‘unconditional love’. Because of this overuse or abuse of your own body – your body is telling you to take a break and asking you to relax. That’s why diabetes.

How to fix it :

Stop being everyone’s savior. Your intentions might be pure, but this might be putting additional pressure on your own body-mind-spirit. Service to others comes only after service to self. People can save themselves.

If your job is stressing you out, then take a break and try for a low-stress job. If you feel like you are over-giving – to your family, to your job, to your friends; take a step back and say ‘no’ – give some of that time to yourself. This might come as a shock to them as they might be used to you giving all of your energy and attention to them, but they can reset their expectations with time.

Explore your own passions. Practice self-love. You are still a hero, but one cannot pour from an empty cup. So first fill your own cup, take care of your own health and then help others.

If you are able to control your reaction and your energy every time someone tells you their problem; you can remain fully in your own energy (without taking on any of their energy). This will enable you to help them from a grounded and centered place without losing your peace of mind.

If you remain on this path, then with time – your body will relax and stop being in overdrive. It will be more in the rest-and-digest mode rather than the fight-or-flight mode. This will greatly reduce the pressure on your pancreas and hopefully diabetes will slowly disappear.

Underflow of energy :

Have you had a childhood where you, your feelings, your identity was not validated and appreciated? Were you bullied by your own family or at school? Have you been scapegoated in your family or at work? Do you always have a fear of things going wrong? Have you repressed and stored a lot of anger and resentment from your childhood years? Did you feel safe during your childhood? Do you have a low sense of self-worth or self-esteem? Are you always down playing your achievements? Pushing yourself too hard to improve?

If this is the case, the pancreas and other organs create a layer of fat around them. This is the body’s way of dealing with the feeling of continued unsafety.

How to fix it :

Self-love is the magic pill here. Having a strong sense of self, which comes from putting yourself first (not in a selfish egoic way, but as a way to nourish your mind-body-soul). Be the person you want to be, even if your family or society does not approve it, be authentically ‘you’.

Love yourself unconditionally. Validate yourself and know your own self worth, even if no one else sees it. Give up correcting and judging yourself for everything. Embrace your imperfections. Go easy on yourself.

Also, start grounding – walking barefoot on grass, ground or sand – this works wonders because mother Earth works as a wonderful grounding agent of all our extra energy. We humans are also like a circuit and we should ground ourselves regularly so that we can release any extra energy build-up we have in our systems.

To get rid of the anger which is exclusively a Manipur chakra energy, one can try a marital art form. Breath of fire or Kapalbhatti pranayam is amazing to release suppressed anger. A person who has repressed anger experiences a lot of coughing while doing meditation or yoga. So check if you cough and you shall know 🙂

Some Yoga Poses to balance solar plexus chakra :

  • Sun Salutation series
  • Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana)
  • Tree pose (Vriksasana)
  • Extended side angle (Uthita parsvakonasana)
  • Bridge pose (Setu bandha sarvangasana)
  • Alligator twist (Jathara parivartasana)
  • Relaxation pose (Shavasana)

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 10.27.49 AM.png

Hope this helps you in some way! Sending lot of love and light your way!