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How to heal the solar plexus chakra with music

The solar plexus chakra, or Manipur chakra in Sanskrit, translates to, “city of jewels.” This chakra governs personality, ego, and identity, as well as personal freedom, choice, and authenticity. The solar plexus chakra also has to do with motivation, willpower, and purpose. Self-confidence is connected to the solar plexus chakra, as well. It also governs the digestive system and its respective organs; as a result, it has jurisdiction over both the gut’s emotional brain and stored emotions.

Some imbalances in the Manipur chakra can cause the following diseases :

Gastric or digestion issues like stomach pain, heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, ulcers, or a loss of appetite. More serious conditions like diabetes, gallstones, hypoglycemia, eating disorders, high or low blood pressure. Emotion wise - it can result in irresponsibility, an excessive need for control, victim mentality, and feelings of helplessness, insecurity or inauthenticity can be connected to this chakra.

There is a raag called ‘Ahir Bhairav’ in Hindustani classical music, which helps balance a person’s solar plexus chakra. A raag is like a template of a musical composition over which various lyrics can be set. Every raag is supposed to invoke certain energies, emotions and feelings in the listener. Ahir Bhairav raag creates a feeling of relaxation, compassion, sympathy, motivation, devotion and surrender. It helps balance a person’s blood pressure, cures digestion issues, skin problems, ego issues. You can hear it as much as you feel like or can even keep it playing in a low volume while not actively listening to it. The vibrations themselves can cause healing. The lyrics do not matter so much, but are definitely a cherry atop the icing in most of the good raags, but for purposes of healing – they do not matter as vibrations are much subtler than lyrical meaning which is of a logical construct. Hope you experience the healing of your Manipur chakra through these beautiful songs.

Here are some beautiful songs based on the raag ‘Ahir Bhairav‘ :

Apsara aali :

Albela Sajan :

Medley of both these songs :

Cover art taken from : https://meditativemind.org/how-to-heal-solar-plexus-chakra-aka-manipura/