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Rumi poem interpretation – A Just Finishing Candle

Here is my interpretation of Rumi’s poem ‘A Just Finishing Candle’

A candle is made to become entirely flame.

Here candle is a metaphor for a human life. Humans are put through a lot of pain.

In that annihilating moment it has no shadow.

Through this pain there comes a point of enlightenment where the ego completely disappears. We become one with consciousness again. We become our true self.

It is nothing but a tongue of light

describing a refuge.

We become simply love and light. Which is where our soul wants to be. In love and light.

Look at this

just-finishing candle stub

As someone who is finally safe

From virtue and vice,

The pride and the shame

We claim from those.

Rumi says that even though we might be going through very difficult times, we can see this as a positive. Because soon we will reach a safe heaven where we will not experience any duality, where there is no judgement. We will be whole again. In our true state, in our soul.

Taken from The Essential Rumi

translated by Coleman Barks

Image credit : https://www.housingunits.co.uk/accessories/candles/candle-holders