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My city at night

Have you ever
Heard your city at night?
She will talk to you
Of what she saw in the light.

Talk of the lovers who kissed
for the first time on the bridge and
the homeless man below it,
weakened more today,
closer to death a little bit.

Politicians talking of welfare
in front of a crowd,
and plotting warfare
as soon as the masks come down.

I see it all,
I hear it all
and I bear it all.

Still, if ever
you need a listening ear
and a friend near,
you will find me here.

Just come over
at night, when everyone sleeps.
Stand on a bridge
Feel the wind in your hair
Stare into the dark waters below.

Or go to a park
Feel the air in your lungs
Rest your hand on a tree
Dig your heels in the soil.

I am here, with you
Through it all
Tell me your story
And I will tell you mine.

You and I,
We shall be fine.

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