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I saw my beloved in all I saw

Once a human does enough work on their spirituality and integrates all aspects of their broken psyche – they will start seeing some part of themselves being reflected in everyone. This feeling of oneness is precious. There is no other, all are one. In such a state of oneness, a person starts knowing everyone as a manifestation of the supreme beloved who is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of this reality that we all play a part in. It is a bliss to be in this state of oneness.

Here is a beautiful Kalaam (spiritual discourse) by Hazrat Shah Niyaz (Sufi poet) sung by the amazing Sufi singer Abida Parveen. This Kalaam discusses how a person who has experienced this kind of oneness will then see God/Creator/Beloved in every person whom they meet. My translation & interpretation of it is below the video.

Meaning :

I am needy person, who needs you

I will feel very dearly the sorrow for a beloved like you

You are the Sun; my eye is alight with your beauty

If I give you up, to whom can I go?


I saw my beloved in all I saw

At times revealed, hidden at times


At times a possibility, at times imperative

At times ephemeral, at times eternal


At times Creator was an emperor with an addiction of power and the throne

At other times, was seen as a beggar with a begging bowl in hands


At times in the form of a beautiful lover

Creator was showing charms and grace


At times a lover like Shah Niyaz Ahmad (poet’s name)

He was seen beating his chest in grief with a heart full of pain


At times revealed, hidden at times

I saw my beloved in all I saw


Top image is roof of Hafez’s tomb (Hāfezieh) located in Shiraz, Iran.

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